For Our Newly Sober Members

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For Our Newly Sober Members
Wed, 05-15-2002 - 7:57pm

For Our Newly Sober Members

My name is Carol and I am an alcoholic in AA recovery. I started dealing with my alcoholism in 1984 and have been sober since 1989.

I want to share some things I have learned along the way...and hope some of you will find them useful.

An excellent book for understanding alcoholism is "Under The Influence" by Milam & Ketcham. Its out in paperback...about $8 and be found in most bookstores. Before I could stay sober...even with AA...I needed to find out WHY I drank.

I suggest people in early recovery have a medical check up and be honest about their drinking patterns. Finding a doctor who is an "Addiction Specalist" is ideal.

My physical withdrawals were short term...4 days or so. Mentally...another 6/7 months. For everyone I know...there is a period of AND I quote Under The Influence page 72

"Protracted Withdrawal Syndrome"

That causes fatigue, depression, anxiety ETC.

You need to know the facts about alcoholism.....before you can be effective in dealing with it.

Yes...AA is my choice for recovery. I love the understanding and support I get from AA.

But many people get sober without AA. Whatever you try...I wish the best for everyone seeking a better way of life.

And go buy the darned book!! LOL

(+) (+) (+) Hugs and Prayers Carol