Another update

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Another update
Wed, 08-29-2007 - 3:29pm

Hi all-

Things continue to go well here. DH is into his second week of rehab and, so far, he seems to be embracing it. He also found a good AA sponsor, someone he likes and is comfortable talking to. They speak every day, and the sponsor is introducing him to some good new meetings. A big part of why he has "failed" in AA in the past is that he never found a group of meetings he felt comfortable in. He has even found his way to at least one early-morning meeting, which is great for him because he is a day drinker.

So, we're still on the right track. I have been preoccupied with my physical health (suffering from the worst head cold of my life for about three weeks now - ugh!), so I haven't done much work on my mental health. But I am continuing with the Al-Anon meetings and find myself really looking forward to the next one. And next week the kids are back to school which, in of itself, will be good for my mental health! (Yes, I love them dearly, but this has been a tough summer on all of us and it will be good for me to have a little time each day for myself.)

Wishing the best to all of you!


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Wed, 08-29-2007 - 4:35pm

Hi Sarah,

I am so happy for you.