Looking for a little advice.

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Looking for a little advice.
Fri, 09-14-2007 - 9:49pm
I am new to this site, but thought that it would be a good place to start.
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Sat, 09-15-2007 - 10:03am
Welcome to the board.
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Mon, 09-24-2007 - 2:58pm
mine didn't start out with any abuse either but eventually got there. Be careful. My husbands forgets how the bottles got there and that he swore at me and hit me.
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Tue, 09-25-2007 - 11:50pm

I would strongly suggest getting to alanon... for all the reasons already stated.

"He is to the point now where I feel that I have to watch every move he makes ... I find my self making excuses for him with family and friends that he isn't drinking like that, but it is getting so hard to do.