Understanding this

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Understanding this
Wed, 09-26-2007 - 10:53pm

My uncle has been battling addiction pretty much his whole life, from what I understand from my dad (it's his little brother) and my other uncle. He has to be the center of attention; he craves attention. He is a very selfish man, but underneath all of this I know there is a good-hearted man there. He has two children who are in the same college as myself. I am a senior while they are a junior and sophmore. He has gone through both of their inheritances and has now pawned his vehicle and has not paid that loan off. His oldest child, a girl, is now blaming herself; she feels like she squealed on her dad and it's killing her. I have seen other family members go through this vicious cycle of addiction; I know what it does to our family and I am sick of it! I have had one uncle committ suicide in a jail cell due to a drug addiction. I am scared to death that this uncle will head in that direction.

My question is this: What do I say to my cousins? How do I become their pillar of strength? My dad is the oldest, and successful and wonderful. I have a stable, happy family. I feel so terrible that my sweet cousins are watching their dad go through this; I am just hurting for them.

Please- any advice/suggestions/prayers and thoughts would be more than appreciated.

Thank you, Sarah

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Thu, 09-27-2007 - 8:26pm
Just make yourself available to them. Be supportive. That's all they need from you. You can't shelter them from this, but being available is something you CAN do!
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Thu, 09-27-2007 - 8:32pm