Drinking in the morning. Problem?

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Drinking in the morning. Problem?
Mon, 10-15-2007 - 5:41pm

My boyfriend of 3 months drinks more than I am comfortable with. I am just looking for some other opinions as to if it is actually a problem or if I am just making a big deal out of nothing.

He will often drink a beer with breakfast in the morning.
He grabs a beer right after getting home from work.
Throughout the evening he drinks,,, usually 3 or more drinks per night.
He would bring alcohol to the movies with us if I didnt get upset at him for it.

We dont live together so I dont know how much he actually drinks when I am not around. The above mentioned drinks are when I'm around.

From your experiences with your Significant others, is he living on a slippery slope that will become a bigger problem in the future? I love him, but if I will find myself married to an alcoholic, I would prefer to prevent that by ending the relationship now before children and a house are in the picture.

Please help me figure out if this is too much or if I am just being square.

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Mon, 10-15-2007 - 6:08pm

Uh,,,yeah, I would say he is on the down slide of that slippery slope. BTW, I am Beth, one of the cls here, and a recovering alcoholic. Most normal people, meaning those without some sort of need for alcohol, do not drink beer with or shortly after breakfast. I am not being facetious, just true. It isn't normal.

I would suggest you read some

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Mon, 10-15-2007 - 6:20pm
thats what I thought too, but he seems to think its normal. like yesterday we were leaving to go eat breakfast, and he grabbed a beer. When I asked why he was drinking beer, he said because he was thirsty. I said why dont you drink water, and he said because he didnt think to grab it. It scares me because I know that it can become much worse. I will read other stories to get the courage to discuss it with him more. I told him when we started dating that I wasnt going to date a pot head, and he said that was good because he wanted to quit smoking pot anyway and didnt feel the need to do it because he was happy with me. Well I read one of his emails to his housemates and he told them all that if I ever asked about it, they should "downplay his substance abuse problem". SCARY. :(
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Mon, 10-15-2007 - 6:43pm

Run like mad in the other direction (away from this man, to be kind in a humanitarian sort of way, I would share with him your concerns and why you are leaving).... it does not sound like a

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Mon, 10-15-2007 - 7:44pm

As another recovering alcoholic 18 yrs sober and who was a morning drinker, I agree with the others....he is on the downslide of the slippery slope as "normal" drinkers/people do NOT drink like this.

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I have been around heavy drinkers, normal drinker and alcoholics all my life. I used to be a heavy drinker myself. Out of all those people, the only ones who drank beer in the mornings were alcoholics. Even those of us who drank bloody marys at brunch did it very rarely.

I wonder if he grew up like this, with his dad or mom drinking at breakfast? Maybe he thinks it's normal. Or maybe he's very ill. Hopefully it's just a weird drinking habit, but I doubt it.

I hope he gets some help.