I need advice about parents. HELP!!

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I need advice about parents. HELP!!
Thu, 10-25-2007 - 1:09pm
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Thu, 10-25-2007 - 2:17pm
OH honey....I am so sad for you.
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Thu, 10-25-2007 - 3:01pm

Hit as many alanon meetings as you can - ask someone to be your temporary sponsor (so you have a contact when not able to get to a meeting and you have a "situation" that you need help with).

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Thu, 10-25-2007 - 6:22pm

Hi and welcome,

I am sorry to hear of the troubles you are experiencing in your life right now. I echo what these wonderful women have already suggested to you.

The only other experience I can share with you is to do some research and reading into ACOA's (adult children of alcoholics). They have meetings also. There is alot of good information that will help you understand why you are experiencing some of the difficulties in your life right now as well as some suggestions/tips for dealing with other relationships in your life, including your parents.

Alcoholism is a family disease, and it effects everyone. Please know that you are not alone.



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Fri, 10-26-2007 - 9:08pm

Hi there!