BF's drinking problem

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BF's drinking problem
Fri, 10-03-2008 - 12:26am

I am 28 and have been with my bf for almost a year. He is 22.

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Fri, 10-03-2008 - 6:35pm

Hi T,

Good for your BF for wanting to get help. I think sometimes there's a gap between wanting help and actually taking steps to get help...or being ready for help. DH went through a period several years ago where he all but begged me to get him into inpatient detox but there was no way we could afford it. That's gone to the wayside now. You could find him the numbers for AA in your area or other counseling he could go to. If he was admitted to the hospital, I'd be surprised if he didn't see some sort of social worker. Unfortunately, that person wouldn't be able to talk to you but would have to talk to him. You could encourage him to make those calls though.

Good luck to you!