Hiome from hospital

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Hiome from hospital
Fri, 01-19-2007 - 2:01pm

Goodevening friends,

I', have safely returned to my home after spending yesterday in the Cardiac Intervention care unit of Deborah Heart and Lung Center, Pemberyon, NJ. Although, the angiplasty and stent implant did not go as desired, however it was not a failure. The angioplasty did succeed in reducing two of three blockage in a collateral artery of the circumflex artery. The furthesr blockage downstream could not be opened because the catheter, balloon and stent was to wide for the naturally narrow artery. However, all is not lost--- for two reasons, the stenosis or athersclerosis can be treated with medication, diet, exercise and followup. So that is what I will do. In fact sometimes the heart finds it way to other vessels that are open. I do not suffer angina or shortness of breath during modeate excercise. I do not require open heart surgery. No heavy lifting for awhile as I recover from the procedure. I begin walking moderate distances soon.

Thank you for all of your kind thoughts, prayers and concerns. Paul never had a sister but I have them now.

My love and service in recovery,



A Friend in Recovery


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Fri, 01-19-2007 - 3:35pm
So glad to hear from you - so very glad!!!! Thanks for filling us in on what happened... You know, things never quite turn out the way we expect, but in your case, so much of it is very, very good news.
Take care of yourself - you "belong to us"!!!
God bless,
Leslie, your sister in recovery
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Fri, 01-19-2007 - 3:45pm


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Fri, 01-19-2007 - 5:30pm


I am glad that "all manner of things" are well,