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Tue, 01-30-2007 - 3:10pm

What ice cream flavor are you?

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Tue, 01-30-2007 - 4:57pm


You are sweet, funloving and caring like vanella.....with a bit of strawberry thrown in.

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Tue, 01-30-2007 - 6:19pm

Mocha Almond Chip!!!!

I love coffee and I am often NUTS!!! LOL!!!!

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Tue, 01-30-2007 - 8:08pm

My Result Was: You are sweet, simple and caring like vanilla. Occasionally one does find a bit of strawberry flavor in you.

I do like homemade vanilla (with flecks of vanilla bean in it --- especially Blue Bell brand from texas) but am not a real fan of strawberry ice cream. On the other hand, vanilla with real strawberries would be wonderful! My "official" unadorned favorite flavor is butter pecan...

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Wed, 01-31-2007 - 9:28am

My results: "You are flirty and loving like chocolate. You are a great person to be with."

This surprises me since I like Vanilla the best!!


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Thu, 02-01-2007 - 7:32pm

I guess I am not able to find out, since the quiz won't open.

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Fri, 02-02-2007 - 9:00pm
I got the same result - chocolate - and I have the same preference (vanilla)


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Fri, 02-02-2007 - 10:38pm

I am sweet, simple and caring like Vanilla, ocsionally one does find a bit of strawberry in you. LOL