Is it time to introduce yourself?

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Is it time to introduce yourself?
Mon, 02-05-2007 - 8:07pm

Or "re-introduce" yourself?
It has been a little quiet around here lately - the usual ebb and flow of this board. I thought maybe some newcomers would like to say hello while the rest of us "regulars" check in...
So how 'bout it??
My name is Leslie and my sobriety date is March 17, 1995. I am an AA-er, and still attend meetings because I love what I have gained from my experience in that program. I teach school, live in South Carolina, am married 23 years, and have one daughter who is a junior in college.

The weather right now is in the 40s - cool for here this time of year but a heck of a lot warmer than some of the rest of you!
God bless,

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Tue, 02-06-2007 - 8:40am

I am Beth, sober since 1989. I also go to AA

I am married to a man sober for almost 20 years.

We have 2 girls.

I teach middle school students.

Today is a snow day.

Proud to be co-cl for

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Tue, 02-06-2007 - 11:46am

My name is Brenda and I am sober thru AA since 5-13-97.