I'm Home

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I'm Home
Thu, 02-15-2007 - 4:34pm

Hi Everyone,

I am back home and feeling a bit sore.

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Thu, 02-15-2007 - 5:17pm
Hey there old woman ; ) ROFLMBO ! I would love for you to be able to catch me, but I sure aint gonna stop so that you can ; ) LOLOL! Wooohoo, what a hoot !

Love ya ; )


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Thu, 02-15-2007 - 6:26pm
Wow... so good to "see" you back on the board - don't you dare overdo it girl - you hear me???
God IS good - I am grateful that my recovery brought Him to me and me to Him. I cannot imagine my life without knowledge of a greatness that exists throughout the universe. He continually places people in my life that enrich it in so many ways - you are among them my dear SISTA!!!
Rest, relax, and know that we're here for you!
Love, Leslie
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Fri, 02-16-2007 - 7:17pm

HI Brenda,

Welcome back home. Prayers to heal quickly and more that your test results are negative. The only time I can think of when negative is good and positive is bad. We've through stuff together Brenda and we'll hook up again, hopefully next year. It's miserably cold here now. In Carol's hometown of Parish, NY they got about 10 feet of snow. That's unbelievable. Great to be back isn't it?




A Friend in Recovery


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Fri, 02-16-2007 - 8:26pm


I am about 60 miles southeast of Parish. We have about