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Fri, 03-02-2007 - 1:54pm

Hi Everyone,

I am just asking for prayers for the family and friends of all the kids in Enterprise.

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Fri, 03-02-2007 - 3:40pm


I am so thankful that your child is okay. My heart is breaking though for the parents, teachers and children in that town.

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Fri, 03-02-2007 - 7:28pm
Brenda, oh Brenda, oh Brenda.... I am just shaking my head and my heart is heavy... but at the same time so relieved that your baby is safe and was able to provide help and comfort to a horrific tradegy... There is no way to understand why these things happen to people.
We have tornado drills all the time at school and some of the kids think it is all a joke. They simply have no clue. Last night my DH slept on the couch with the t.v. on low in case a tornado landed in my town. We were blessed this time once more...
Your daughter is blessed to have you for support and love during this crisis. That is the miracle of your sobriety.
I will keep you, your DD, and all of the stricken south in my prayers.