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Sun, 05-20-2007 - 4:57pm
Dear Paul - Please let us know how you are doing with Martha... You have been in my thoughts and prayers.
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Sun, 05-20-2007 - 9:39pm

HI Leslie,

I just this minute happened by here, Leslie. Thanks again for thinking of me. I'm OK.
I experience strange flashbacks of familiar things. Like checking the sliding glass door into our kitchen during the rain to see if Martha wants to come in from the yard, remembering to save her the last bites of my lunchtime sandwich she so eagerly waited for, only to realize that she is not here. I have checked the County Animal Rescue to find a pet to share my home with two I was interested have been adopted, a shih-tzu and maltese. I really want another cocker spaniel but there were none available for adoption at the shelter. There is a AKC breeder in a nearby town for a steep $800 but I may go that route. I think they have a litter due in a week or so. When I see my new friend I'll know. It may be a little early right now anyway. But I'm OK, still working through my grief but OK. Take care now. I bet your looking forward to the summer.

Best wishes,


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