Best of times, worst of times QOTW

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Best of times, worst of times QOTW
Sun, 05-20-2007 - 7:39pm

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Sun, 05-20-2007 - 8:50pm
Spring is my fav season next to Fall.
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Sun, 05-20-2007 - 10:25pm

What do you love best about Spring? Fresh flowers, fresh air, the new


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Sun, 05-20-2007 - 10:43pm

I love the energy of Spring... the whole earth is waking up and coming back to life.

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Mon, 05-21-2007 - 1:58pm

What do you love best about Spring? I'm a big gardener so spring is my time of year to plan my flower gardens, visit garden centers and see the sprouting of my perennials.

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Mon, 05-21-2007 - 3:24pm
The best about spring is the trees budding out and flowers and green grass and the sound of lawn mowers.


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Mon, 05-21-2007 - 7:16pm
what i love most about spring is the flowers and getting my turtles outside. what i like least is the BUGS!!!!! unfortunately they love me!

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Tue, 05-22-2007 - 12:31am

I looooove the middle and end of Spring, when the flowers are blooming. It smells so nice and fresh and new, and there's so much energising vibes in the air.

I hate the beginning of Spring. The transition from winter to spring is never an easy time for me. The light hurts at first and I'm all moody!

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Tue, 05-22-2007 - 1:42pm
Spring is my favorite season, and I love and hate the SAME thing about it! The fresh, blooming plant life. It wreaks havoc on my allergies, but makes so many of my other senses happy!

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Tue, 05-22-2007 - 5:57pm

Best: Warmer weather for playing outside. It marks the end of cabin fever!

Worst: Melting snow + heavy rain = nasty flooding! (My mom's boyfriend's living room was under 6 inches a few weeks ago!)

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Thu, 05-24-2007 - 11:48am

Like you, spring is my favorite season next to fall.

I like the balmy weather, the *lack* of winter!

Wish we had one here! LOL As it skipped right into summer!

I am not happy with the allergy season which accompanies it!

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