Aloha - back from HI

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Aloha - back from HI
Mon, 07-09-2007 - 9:12am
Hi folks, Back from Hawaii after 2 weeks on the Big Island - what an experience - the best trip pf my entire life! After 29 hours traveling yesterday (somehow "lost" Saturday!) and dealing with airports, I am home decompressing and trying to get back on South Carolina time! Will check in soon - need to catch up and all the happenings.
Love to all,
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Mon, 07-09-2007 - 10:01am

Aloha my friend.


"OMG, I got engaged, the world will never be the same!...."


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Mon, 07-09-2007 - 11:00am
WoooooooHoooooooooooooooooooooooo..........I am so glad you are back.