QOTW...What made you smile today?

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QOTW...What made you smile today?
Sun, 05-11-2008 - 1:30pm

A smile can brighten not only our day, but someone else's. What made you smile today?


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Sun, 05-11-2008 - 4:20pm
Nothing yet so far but the day is still young..

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Sun, 05-11-2008 - 4:31pm

Watching dd (5) play tball.

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Sun, 05-11-2008 - 4:32pm



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Sun, 05-11-2008 - 9:06pm
Well I made my mom smile by making her a heart shaped cookie and her smile made me smile.


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Sun, 05-11-2008 - 9:55pm

The scrambled egg my 10yo son made me for breakfast today. While hard to choke down, it was the tastiest egg I've ever had.

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Mon, 05-12-2008 - 12:18pm
The flowers I see that dh planted for me for Mother's Day and the vase from my youngest ds.

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Mon, 05-12-2008 - 3:21pm
Watching my son come out of his shell at a new school we were visiting this morning.



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Mon, 05-12-2008 - 4:05pm
Such a silly thing.

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Mon, 05-12-2008 - 6:04pm
I worked at our church soup kitchen today and the group of people I work with there are just such a fun-loving, crazy bunch that they keep me smiling and sometimes outright laughing all the time
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Mon, 05-12-2008 - 7:05pm