Brenda? Are You Back?

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Brenda? Are You Back?
Mon, 06-16-2008 - 4:41pm

Brenda, Hoping you see this so you will know that I am thinking of you and have been for a long time... I have been trying to post often, but as Paul says on the post above, I surely do not have the eloquence that you do...

You have been sorely missed.

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Sat, 06-21-2008 - 2:46pm

Hi Leslie,
I am trying to get back on a regular Lets see if I can work this out as a member and make the posts as I should. I am still recovering from my last surgery and running back and forth to the nursing home to be with my dad. He is a lot closer now so that is easier. I am still trying to see what it will take to get him home. First things first, I have to get able to help lift and move him, which I can not do right now. Its great to come here and read and interact with others. I love this board so much. Now that I am relocated, not knowing anyone, and surrounded with strange duties....I need it even more. You sound always. You, Beth and Paul are definitely family. Hey....why dont ya'll hook up with Paul when he and Carol come to see me?????? I can make a lot of sweet tea and I have a huge porch to sit Come on over...its just a hop, skip and a jump.

Thanks for missing me. I completely miss you. Love to you and have a fun vacation.

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