Thanksgiving meal recipes

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Thanksgiving meal recipes
Wed, 11-26-2008 - 7:41am

I was thinking of you, Heidi....and Misssy and a few others whose dinners make me hungry!!!

My Knight and I are cooking tomorrow. By accident one year, we cooked the turkey upside down (breast down) one year. We turned it a few hours into cooking. We were shocked at how nice and moist it was. So every year we do the upside down and turn thing. We make a sage and thyme homemade dressing. The dressing has stale bread, celery, carrots, onions as well as the pepper, sage and thyme. Yes, we stuff the bird, but use a food thermometer to test it. Sometimes we take it out when we turn the bird and cook the rest in a pan in the oven.

We will also bake butternut squash, in the skin. We cut the squash, get out the seeds, put it in a pan with 1/2 inch of water, skin side up, and bake until tender. We have some hubbard squash in the freezer that we will thaw (by the way, the best way to open a hubbard is to put it in a clean plastic bag and drop it with force onto concrete!!! LOL).

The potatoes will be mashed and we will have scalloped corn. Scalloped corn is a Depression Era or farm family way of spreading out the meal. Bread crumbs, creamed corn, and an egg are combined in a casserole dish and baked until browned and a little firm.

The pies will be pumpkin and I don't do crusts- they are store bought, and the pumpkin is canned

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Thu, 11-27-2008 - 10:14pm

Oh yummy!

That is interesting about the Turkey and about the scalloped corn.


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Thu, 12-04-2008 - 8:17am
the upside down turkey makes perfect sense...I'll try that next year (we're doing a standing rib roast for Christmas)...I also soak my turkey in a brine (water, brown sugar, kosher salt, pepper corns, garlic cloves, 3 apples cut up, 2 onions...celery stalks) overnight before I roast him....