Probably really more in p3 than 2

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Probably really more in p3 than 2
Sat, 10-04-2003 - 10:49pm

I'm watching what I eat so closely any more. I am still losing a little weight at a time, and I'm not watching everything. I still eat a lot of Phase 1 meals (some of the recipes in the book are good, I've discovered, now that I have a kitchen again!), but I have added yogurt and more fruit and don't count the number of nuts I eat. Whenever I do have white bread, flour tortillas, etc., I notice that I have to use the restroom very soon after! I think my body is rejecting the refined carbs now, which keeps me from eating too many of them! I also eat chocolate on occasion, but much less than before. It doesn't seem to affect my weight whatsoever. I have continued to lose a few pounds--the three vacation pounds went away within a few days (it probably was water weight, Maryann), along with one more pound. AND (the best part) I can fit into all my clothes comfortably now!! This WOE is definitely for me, and I now know what to do if I gain unwanted weight again (a: was it something I ate and shouldn't eat again? or b: have I been overdoing it and need to return to P1 for a bit?)



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