fainting after giving blood

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fainting after giving blood
Thu, 04-03-2003 - 3:40pm
i was just wondering, not that its happened to me or anything, but i've heard from my friend that she fainted after giving blood. now, what would the doctor/nurse do if you faint while donating blood? do they just wake you up right after or give you something? and what should i do if i see someone who just fainted?
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Thu, 04-03-2003 - 6:35pm
Hello!........And welcome to the board!

You know, it's actually fairly common for SOME (not all!) folks to faint after giving blood! After all, when you give blood, you're lowering the total blood volume in your body....and if you get up too quickly, you can get dizzy or even faint! Usually some "rest time", a drink of orange juice or another juice drink, having a bite to eat....that will definitely help get rid of the "dizzies" after a person has given blood! If a person faints while giving blood, usually the nurses will use smelling salts to "bring the person around"...and then follow up with something to drink, something to eat, and an extended rest time. The nurses will also check the blood pressure, pulse and respirations of the person who has fainted. Fainting after giving blood is not uncommon! As to what you should do if you come upon a person who has fainted.......simply check and make sure that person is breathing all right, and call for emergency medical care (an ambulance)....if you don't know WHY that person has fainted, you can't offer any more assistance than that! Hope this answers your questions....but if you have more questions or concerns, please post again and we'll try to help!

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Tue, 04-15-2003 - 8:10pm
Hey there,

I give blood every 56 days and apparently it is common for someone to pass out. The lady that took my blood said that she has people wet their pants, do #2 in their pants, throw up and everything else. I have passed out, you just eat a snack and have some juice and you will be on your way.