Hello,I am new to the board..(m)

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Hello,I am new to the board..(m)
Tue, 04-29-2003 - 10:13pm

My name is Julie.I am 27 years old and are a stay at home mom to two kids.I was diagnosed a month or so ago with a Sinus Arrythmia.Which I know I have been told that 75% of people have that and don't know it.I know most cases of people that have it need no attention about it.I have had several EKG's and it showed up and one ER Dr said that my EKG showed that I may have my mom's heart problem,Mitral Valve Pro Lapse.My heart really bothers me.Sometimes it feels like it could beat out of my chest it beats so hard and sometimes it feels like it is barely beating and sometimes it feels like I am having irregular heartbeats and sometimes it beats really fast.And sometimes I have chest pain which so far has been gas on my chest.My DR checked my Cholesstral(sp?)and it was low and my blood pressure has always been normal so I know it's not those two things causing it to bother me.My Dr told me that I can see a heart DR but the DR's office won't call back about it,they don't call back about anything.I left a message today with my DR's office hopefully they will call me back if they don't I will let my hubby call them,he is the one that got them to call me back about my blood work test results a couple of weeks ago.I can do a very few things around the house here and my heart will pound hard or have fast heartbeats too,especially when I am tired.Maybe I can see a heart DR soon.I can talk about my heart problem with my hubby.But I feel like with my family and my friend's it's a different story.So I guess I am looking for some more information about it and to talk to someone people that knows what I am going through and look for support too and look for making new friends.



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Tue, 04-29-2003 - 11:36pm
Hi, Julie......and welcome to the board!

Sounds to me as if your regular doctor is extremely lax in getting back to his patients regarding their medical tests! Please ask for a referral to a good cardiologist and have all the necessary tests done to ease your mind about any cardiac condition you may or may not have! I've had MVP for years and years, without too much problem. There are SO many tests that HAVEN'T been done for you yet...and I think you should see a cardiologist who will order those tests and get the results of those tests back to you in a timely manner! Let us know what your doctor has to say....I hope you can get in touch with him soon! Good luck! And get that referral to a cardiologist too!

Welcoming (((hugs))),


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Wed, 04-30-2003 - 11:37am
Hi Julie! Nice to meet ya!

I'm Jo, I'm 24 (almost 25). I just had blood work done this morning b/c the nurse practitioner I was seeing couldn't figure out what is causing my heart to beat hard either. Her nurse is supposed to call me back tomorrow with the results and my cardio appoitment. Other than the occassional thud, thud, thud I feel fine and actually feel better when I'm doing something that takes my mind off it.

Please be persistant with trying to get a cardio appt. Call every day or twice a day until the doc schedules you an appt.

Good luck and (((hugs)))