Hello,remember me?..(m)

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Hello,remember me?..(m)
Fri, 05-09-2003 - 8:50pm

Sorry I haven't been around this week.Boy,what a week it has been here.Monday night me and hubby went to the funeral home to say good bye to hubby's uncle,my mom kept the kids that night.Tuesday was the funeral and hubby was a pawl bear,my mom backed out of keeping the kids again so I didn't get to go and plus hubby had to be there earlier than planned.We still don't know what happened to hubby's uncle yet,the corner said the obtopsy report would be mailed and hubby's parents haven't got the report yet.Wednesday hubby tried going to work and the car broke down half way to work so he had to call in and get the car fixed.He finally got it home,it seems to be ok for the time being.My dad and hubby are going to replace the valve cover gasgets this weekend on the car,it had lost its oil again.Yesterday and today I just haven't been feeling well and plus we have had bad storms here all week.It has flooded here and have had trees down and power lines down we had lost our power for a couple of hours two days this week.The kids allergies are bothering them.I haven't been sleeping well.I have finally got a heart DR appointment it's next Wednesday at 10am.I will let you all know how that goes.I have been worried about my sister she had went to her place to get some of her and the baby's things and her husband beat on her again while she was holding the baby.She is going to file for divorse,this will be divorse #2 for her and she is younger than me.Hubby's sister came up Tuesday after the funeral and stayed a while.Hubby got some extra money this week to get the car fixed with and to get some stuff we needed around here.We bought some groceries and bought 2 DVD movies,they are Waking Up In Reno,it was really good and Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets,it was ok,not as good as the first one I thought.We may try to go to some yard sales this weekend too.We got my mom and hubby's mom a Mother's Day Card and going to get them both a hanging plant for Mother's Day.Hubby bought me a pink medium sized teddy bear that is holding a pink star heart that says I love mom on it.I told him that can be my Mother's Day present from him since I collect teddy bears and such anyways.

Just thought I would let you all know what was going on.Hopefully I can be on here more next week.Hope you all have a great weekend.

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Fri, 05-09-2003 - 9:44pm
Hi, Julie!

WOW! Your week has been awful! I hope you learn soon why your hubby's uncle passed away...let us know, okay? Are the problems with the car fixed yet? Cars are SO expensive to have fixed! How are the kids feeling. Any better? Those storms you've been having are just down-right scary! I don't envy you! I live in the north-east, and we don't have ANYTHING like those types of storms up here! We get a lot of snow, and very occasionally a hurricane.....but not those tornados or hail, and usually not much flooding either!

I'm SO glad you finally got an appointment to see the cardiologist! Keep us posted on what he says, okay? Are you still feeling sick? Poor girl......sounds like you need that cardiologist appointment AND a vacation!

Keep in touch, Hon, and let us know how things are going for you, okay? I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day....and I hope next week is a whole lot more peaceful than this past week was for you!

Love and (((hugs))),