Hi, Linda, I have a question...

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Hi, Linda, I have a question...
Mon, 05-19-2003 - 2:40pm
First, how are you? I know I have not been around...I'm working 11-7 shift and I don't get much computer time these days (plus we went to Disney for 10 days ). I am concerned about chest pressure I am having. My cardio told me at my last visit in April that it is normal to have some pressure but how much is too much? I realize I have got to be the most uninformed nurse on the planet..LOL..

This weekend was one example. I had what I consider a lot of chest pressure all weekend. It lasts for about 1 or 2 minutes and then goes away but it happened at least 6 times each day. The other thing is, I had a sinus infection in the beginning of the month and I still have a slight cough occasionally and I thought this could be contributing to the pressure. Plus I have the usual PMS, so even anxiety could be affecting me. I hate to call the dr and I can't even talk to my family about it because they'll start doing CPR on me...LOL!! Sorry, I have to laugh or go crazy! I always like to talk to you because no matter what , you make me feel better. Thanks so much for listening. I hope you and your family are well.

{{{{{{{{{ hugs }}}}}}}}

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Mon, 05-19-2003 - 3:46pm
Hi, Vonnie!

Welcome back, Hon! AH.....the 11-7 shift!.....I know it well! LOL!

Nah...you're not the most uninformed nurse on the planet....THAT was an RN I worked with in the ER!!!!!!! I think she must have gotten her license at WalMart....I kid you not! That girl didn't know a Kelly clamp from Ringer's Lactate!!!!

As for that pressure....okay....a LITTLE pressure (since you've had the sinus infection and cough) would be expected.....just from the whole coughing thing! But SIX times a day????? Even if it only lasts for a couple minutes each episode, that's too much chest pressure! Go see that cardio and tell him you want a repeat EKG, another cardiac ultrasound, and another enhanced stress test! Ooooooo! I can ALMOST hear you howling from here! ;0) Yeah, I know you don't want ANY of those tests again, but believe me they ARE necessary! You may have a little blockage that isn't knocking you down for the count, if you know what I mean.....but if there's anything there that's an obvious cause of the chest pressure, you need to know about it ASAP! You do NOT want another heart attack!!!!! Did your cardio give you nitro after your heart attack? Did he ever mention post-MI angina? It happens, unfortunately....not all the time, but to a lot of people! I had post-MI angina that was relieved with nitro for a few months after that MI....but I didn't have that on-going chest pressure you're describing (only a teensy bit of angina pain for a VERY short while after my heart attack). What other meds are you on? Beta-blocker? Ace-inhibitor? You might need a med adjustment....just a thought! But definitely go see the cardio again (or even call him), and ask to have those tests repeated. Better to be safe than sorry, and it sounds to me that six or so episodes of chest pressure every day is a LOT of chest pressure....more, maybe, than you SHOULD or even MIGHT be supposed to be having! Uh.....don't let the family start CPR on you while you're up on your feet! ;0) Let me know what your cardio has to say, okay? And call him sooner rather than later, huh?!

My family and I are all doing fine, Hon....thanks for asking! Two more grandbabies since I talked with you last (I think!)...one last September and one last November! :0) All the kids and grands are doing great!

Now.......call the cardio!!!!!!!! ;0) Let me know what he says......and you may have to nag him a bit to have those tests repeated. He isn't feeling the chest pressure you're having, so he may not understand that this is an on-going disruption in your life! If you insist on getting those tests done again, and nothing shows up, then YOU'LL know that the amount of chest pressure you're having may be okay for YOU! And, yep...anxiety and stress will ALWAYS make chest pressure worse! Beats me how you can eliminate ALL stress and anxiety from your life, though....just keep working on staying calm (maybe some meditation exercises would help? Or some gentle Tai Chi or Yoga?)!

Glad you're back, Vonnie! NOT glad you're having problems, though! Call the doc, Hon!

Love and (((hugs))),