Not able to use a stint...

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Not able to use a stint...
Mon, 07-07-2003 - 10:36pm
I am writing because I am concerned for my Grandmother. Years ago she had bypass surgery and was put on nitro. Recently (July 4th) she began to experience chest pains again and the two veins that had been used prior were found to be blocked.

Originally they were going to put stints in these veins/arteries but found them to be too weak to do so.

Has anyone heard of any other alternatives? They are going to send her to a more experienced hospital tomorrow for evaluation.

Has anyone ever heard of using a relatives veins/arteries for use in another person's heart surgery?

Thanks in advance.

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Tue, 07-08-2003 - 8:53am
Hi, Kristine......and welcome to the board!

Usually, if stents can't be used, the doctors will look for the appropriate blood vessels within the patients own body (for instance, leg veins etc.). You don't say how old your grandmother is. I'm glad her doctors are sending her for further testing and evaluation to another, more experienced hospital and to other doctors! Let us know what her new doctors have to say, and what their plans for your grandmother are, okay? My thoughts and prayers are with your grandmother, you, and your whole family! Hang in there, Hon!

Welcoming (((hugs))),


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Tue, 07-08-2003 - 10:47am
Hello Linda and Thank you for your quick response!

My grandmother is near 80 and aside from her heart condition is in great health. Unfortunately, her last major surgery was done by removing veins from someplace else in her body and using them for her heart - these are what have been weakened and where the stent's will not work.

Thank you very much for your thoughts and prayers - we should know more this eve. after she has her doctor's visit today.