Scared and Confused

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Scared and Confused
Tue, 07-15-2003 - 8:32pm
Hello Everyone!

I have MVP, I was diagnosed with it when I was 11 and I haven't had any problems. I've had routine cardio check-ups and I've been told things haven't changed since I was first diagnosed. The only thing I need to do is before any dental work, take antibiotics before and after. Now, somethings have come up that have me worried and scared.

I had to go to a new last month after my old one moved away. I was having problems with a tooth and this dentist fixed it. He also told me that I had periodontal disease, which shocked me because my other dentist never told me and I haven't had any problems. I couldn't stay with this dentist because he wasn't covered under my insurance so I went to my husband's dentist today. I left there very scared and I haven't stopped crying. He told me that I have this horrible dental disease and it's all my fault and because I have a heart condition already, I've let it go for so long that I've damaged my heart and I'm going to have either a heart attack or a stroke. I didn't even know I had a gum problem, nothing hurt and nothing was bleeding.

I've read up on this online and every article is telling me that because of this gum disease I'm at risk of heart disease. I don't know if I should call my doctor and ask him. I don't want to sound like a hypochondriac, but this is the first I've ever heard of this. Is this something I need to be concerned about?

My second question is I had a complete physical exam in May, including stress test and echo and I was told everything was fine. During the test when I was laying down my heart rate was between 75-80. When I stood up, it went up to 120. The technician acted like that was a big deal. She said, "Look at how high her heart rate went up." My cardiologist told me that everything was fine, so I didn't think much of it again, until last week. I had to go work out and I was on the treadmill. My trainer asked me what my heart rate got up to and I said 160, that was after 8 minutes. He had the same tone that the technician did after I told him. Thinking about it, after about 3 minutes on it and a regular speed I'm at 140-150. I'm not out of breath, I can still have a normal conversation and I don't have any chest pains or pressure. I brought this up to my doctor and I was told I was fine.

I don't mean to sound paranoid and sound like I'm looking for a problem that isn't there, but I've gotten screwed over by doctors in the past and I want to make sure I'm not getting it again.

Thank You for listening, I'm sorry if I wasted board space for something that probably is just my emotions getting the better of me.


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Tue, 07-15-2003 - 11:53pm
Welcome, Kim!

No, you certainly didn't "waste board space"! Glad you're here! First, with your doctor! Do you have a good cardiologist that you really trust? After you've talked with your cardiologist....get a second opinion! Two heads are always better than one when it comes to diagnosing problems! If you've always cared for your teeth and gums, and have had no problems (and have always taken the antibiotics before any dentistry), then YOU didn't intentionally cause any of the problems that doctor mentioned! You need other opinions on this, Hon! Call a local (large!) hospital......a teaching hospital would be good....ask them for a list of cardiologists AND dentists who specialize in folks with cardiac issues. Call and make an appointment with BOTH the cardiologist AND the dentist. Take all your medical records with you to each visit....and THEN you'll be able to have a better idea about what's REALLY going on! Sounds to me as if the docs are giving you conflicting information....never a good thing! Get a couple other opinions from doctors who specialize in these issues....then decide (with the docs) what the best course of treatments might be for you! Don't allow yourself to get so scared that you forget that you DO have the power to get yourself goor medical care! Be very pro-active in your own care....and get second (and third, if need be!) opinions! Good luck, Hon....come back and tell us what you find out and when you can see the "second opinion" doctors!

Welcoming (((hugs))),