mom had mild stroke

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mom had mild stroke
Sat, 07-19-2003 - 9:03pm
Hello everyone

i was hoping someone would beable to shed some light on what we can expect with my mom. my mom has had a mild stroke at the age of 64. she has started rehab this week. iam just curious what we can expect with her recovery any information would help. thanks a bunch mini70

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Sun, 07-20-2003 - 7:00pm
Hi, mini70......and welcome to the board!

It's always difficult to predict the course of recovery from ANY stroke, so I wish I could be a better source of information for you! You don't mention to what degree your mother's stroke caused impairment...I'm hoping there was minimal impairment! I think the best thing you could do would be to ask your mother's doctor about her progress, and to speak with her rehab therapists about her progress! They would be the ones who know best what's going on with your mother and her recovery! Good luck, mini70, and best of luck to your mother too....I hope she has an easy and complete recovery! Again....welcome to the baord, and please keep us posted on your mother's progress!

Welcoming (((hugs))),


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Tue, 07-29-2003 - 8:03pm
I know how you feel and how scary it can MIL had a stroke in February. It is a slow process,the best advice I can give you is to be very patient. It takes a long time for some of the skills to come back. Its hard to be patient but I think that is the only way you are going to get through it. Encourage you mother to not give up its very frusterating for the stroke victim. I've noticed with my MIL she went through all kinds of emotions from being mad to being depressed. She still wanted to go out and do things, even though she had a walker the change of scenery did wonders for her. With a stroke you never know how long they are going to be different or if their skills will ever come back, I would make sure that she follows the physical therapy that the Dr's give her to do at home. I don't know how sever your mothers stroke was but I know my MIL still wants to be treated like she was before.

Good luck and HTH!

Love Sarah