Cardiac Arrthymia

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Cardiac Arrthymia
Tue, 08-05-2003 - 2:58pm
Hi, New to this board, but really afraid and in need of info. My other half and I have been to with each other for 13 years and we plan on getting married, some day ;) Anyway he is 40 years old and has not been feeling real good, tired and I now find out he has been having what he thinks is heart palpitations. He went to the doctor and he has ordered blood work and a chest xray. Says he will do a ekg when the test return. I noticed on the script for the blood work it say "Cardiac Arrythmia (spelling may be wrong)", so I questioned Mr. Wonderful and he says that there may be a problem. What does this mean????? I am now scared to death and of course Mr. Wonderful is very closed mouth about this. He is overweight, not 300 or 400 lb., but he is a big man, I would est. he is 50 to 60 lb. overweight, smokes and drinks, but he has cut way back in the drinking ---- blood pressure is normal and at the last test so was his colesterol, much better than mine. Any feedback ----- I know I have not given you much, but at the moment this is all I have.


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Wed, 08-06-2003 - 8:18am
Hi, Vicki......and welcome to the board!

There is SO much info about arrhythmias that it's almost impossible to give you anything specific here! Have you talked with your SO's doctor? Would your SO allow that? There really is no way of knowing which type of arrhythmia your SO has from what you've described...I'm sorry if I can't be more help to you!

Your SO should cut out ALL alcohol and stop smoking....that's a definite! Losing weight is also always a good thing to do, so ask him to talk with his cardiologist (he IS seeing a cardiologist, right? Hope so!) about the proper exercises for him and also what a correct diet for him would be.

Post soon and give us more info, if you can, okay? Good luck, Hon....and try to keep calm until you both know something definite, okay?

Welcoming (((hugs))),


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