Amnt of time treatment give after stroke

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Amnt of time treatment give after stroke
Tue, 10-07-2003 - 10:56am
I am trying to find out how much time elapsed after your stroke before treatment was given. Also, what type of treatment was provided immediately after stroke?

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Wed, 10-08-2003 - 4:22pm

Hi there td54!

How long ago did you or

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Wed, 10-08-2003 - 6:11pm
TD, I am 39 and had my first (and hope only) stroke at the end of May this year.. 5 months ago. I was in the hospital for 8 days, during that time., I received minmal speech therapy and minimal occupational therapy. By minimal I mean 10-15 mins a day, every other day. I started outpatient therapy around 2 weeks later, I had speech therapy twice a week, occupational 3 times a week and physical therapy once a week. This continued for 2 months, as of now my therapy is done. Its a long road back. I am having seizures now due to the stroke. Just take more meds thats

I hope this was helpful.