God Bless You Marley

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God Bless You Marley
Mon, 10-13-2003 - 8:59pm
That was very sweet of you. I love my Mother so very much and to see her in pain is heartbreaking. We are very close. We practically do everything together. She has been going through a lot ever since Dad passed away 3 years ago. IT seemed like everything bad started happening. It's like dominoes falling you know? Everything caving in at once.

Whenever you need to talk I'm here to talk to. It does make me feel better when I talk to you about it. I will continue to pray for you and your family. I know how this can take a toll. I truly hope from the bottom of my heart that you have better days ahead. You deserve some happiness and sunny bright days.

I will let you go for now, look forward to talking to you again.