HI Dear Marley

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HI Dear Marley
Wed, 10-15-2003 - 10:51pm
You are so very welcome. That's what I am here for to talk to and to support and understand you. I know that all you are experiencing is scary. I am glad to hear that your chest pains are better.

My Mother will be getting her results on Nov. 3. It seems so far away.

I surely hope that you have more bright days ahead. You deserve them. How long did you say that you had been having all these symptoms? My Mother for about 4-5 years.

My darn computer is acting up it just don't want to stay on one page. I better go before it cuts off with me again.


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Thu, 10-16-2003 - 9:25am

Thank YOU Kamallya, you have been very kind and supportive. Although this episode has only been a few weeks, I guess you could say that its been coming for a couple of years now. I've had high BP for more than 2 years now... but its just lately that I've actually had to start meds... about 3 months now I guess. The palps have been going on... on and off... for probubly a few years too. I remember seeing a doc way back about them... but they've never been as persistant as they've been lately.

Nov 3 IS a long time to wait. I'm hoping to have at least SOME results today or tomorrow. I'm supposed to check back in with my GP by the end of this week...he was going to try and track down some results for me. Its getting to the point now where I'm sick of waiting... I'm going back to work today,,, ( I have a 9 hour shift.. yikes)... but I wont know if I can handle it till I try, and sitting around here doing nothing is starting to drive me bonkers!

Good luck to your Mom once again, and keep us posted. Blessings back to you both! Take care, love marley