Marley- Feel Better Soon

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Marley- Feel Better Soon
Sat, 10-18-2003 - 1:11pm
Good Morning, Marley. Oh gosh, steel-toes, I'll bet your feet hurt a lot and plus being on them the whole nine. I know it must be mighty stressful. And I know it's hard for you too. Especially those early hours-wee hours of the morning. You have to get up very early don't you? Do you sleep good at night? Do you much time to give yourself a little R&R? I know you must need it. I heard that mixing lavender oil in with your bath water just before bed helps you sleep and relax.

Have you ever tried herbal teas? They taste great hot. You can get some sleepy time tea it comes in a green box- that is also beneficial for sleep. Chamomile is great for relaxation. You can usually find it at your local supermarket.

I hope and pray that you feel better soon. Let me know about those results.

Praying for you and wishing you the very best of luck,

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Tue, 10-21-2003 - 11:58pm

Hi sweetie...

oh yes.. those boots hurt! And as a RULE I do not sleep well.. at all. Its goes hand in hand with the Fibromyalgia I have. I've been sent to a "sleep clinic" and was definitely diagnosed with sleep disturbance. I sleep yes, but dont ever reach the "stage 4 resorative" level. Ever. So my body is tired ALL the time, hence the pain. At least thats "todays" thoery for fibromyalgia. But thats a whole other message board :O)

I have tried herbal teas... not really a tea person. Its ok I guess. But sure not my drink of choice all the same :O) To me there's nothing like a great big DIET COKE with ice! I'm an addict to that crap! :O(

Thanks once again, for all your kind words of support. Hope "Mom" is well... as always. And again, let us know if you hear anything.

p.s. I'll check in Thursday after I see the doc! Love Marley