Hi I am finally evening out some

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Hi I am finally evening out some
Wed, 10-29-2003 - 6:33am

After seeing the doctor last week and getting a definate answer and new meds, I am finally getting my blood pressure under control and the chest pains. The irregular heartbeat is our next task. Cardiac syndrome x and atrial coronary spasms are not as serious as they sound. The problem is the risk of having a heart attack during a spasm. But since I have no blockage I am confident I wil be alright. The doctor is now sending me to a neurologist because of the blood pressure and headaches. He wants to make certain the vessel disease is not more widespread. It seems like this has been a frustrating journey, but as my other half points out, my doctor has gotten things under control in about 8 weeks, so that is not all too bad.

Marley, all my tests looked o.k. too, except for the occassional ekg depression, but when I had my heart cath is when it all came together. I had that spasm right on the cath table and they instantly started putting everything together. I appartently had one while taking my stress test too, but that boob didn't feel it was all that significant, reason why I have a different cardio guy. So don't give up. Go into the net and find cardiac syndrome x, there is also metabollic syndromex and that's not what you want to look at. When I took what I found to my cardiologist he laughed because he had already decided that's what it was. He liked that I was being pro-active with my care. Somehow you sound so much like me that I think they are missing the little things. My doctor says that most cardiologist just look for the major things like blockage and obvious heart disease. But these micro vessel disease eventually turn into big problems if not gotten under control early on. So stick to your guns. I'm hanging in there with you sweetie. Hugs Betsy

By the way my email is reinbolt@earthlink.net is you ever want to get ahold of me.

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Hi there!

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Hi Betsy...

I am so very glad that you are finally starting to feel better. Yes, I have to agree 8 WEEKS to get a diagnosis really is not too bad. People go on for years and years sometimes.

I was just telling my DH last night that since I've been taking this new med that supposed to slow my heart as well as lower the pressure, I havent had as many palpitations and the chest pain is all but gone. Actually, in all honesty, things have settled down quite a bit. On the other hand this medication has been rough on me. I am SO tired, and this makes it particularly hard (for me) having fibromyalgia as well. One of the major symptoms of Fibro is extreme fatigue that is not aided with rest... well... this is like a double whammy for me. I am not "sleepy" tired but "body tired", does that make sense at all? Also, I think that this med has slowed my heart down TOO much. The average has been about 63/64 beats per minute. I don't know what it SUPPOSED to be. But that to me seems pretty low. I've been having really bad headaches as well, and dizziness. The shortness of breath has been better though. I'm going to mention the headaches and fatigue to the doc when I see him in November, and maybe I'll even give them a call.. if it persists. Oh ya... he has me scheduled for a stress test as well, not that I expect that this will do any good!

Well, sweetie, thanks for the encouragement, I really appreciate it. I hate to be so "down" on the doctors, they DO save lives everyday.. but sometimes they're