Mvp heart pals and questions

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Mvp heart pals and questions
Fri, 11-21-2003 - 1:10pm
I tried to post this once but can't find it so forgive me if it ends up posting twice.

HI there. I'm not sure where to get info on this so I'm posting here and the anxiety board.

I'm getting really frustrated with my doctor and don't agree with her diagnosis. I DO have MVP, diagnosised while pregnant 2 years ago, and have had no symptoms since. Now, I have been having heart palpatations, tightness in chest, followed with head aches, I have tingling/numbness in my hands and fingers, for about 4 weeks. I've gone through a battery of tests ekg, blood, urine, thyroid, sugars, and 24 hour holter (still waiting on the heart holter results). So far everything is within normal range. The dr keeps meantioning that she thinks it's anxiety attacks, not a heart problem. And wants to prescribe anti-anxiety medication to, as she said "control the feeling". :(

Now I've never had anxiety or panic attacks before, but I think I would know when I'm having one, wouldn't I?? I don't feel anxious during these pals, I'm uncomfortable, and sometimes breathe heavy, but generally I feel calm during them.

My questions

Would I not be able to tell the difference? Or am I in denial?

I know the two symptoms (anxiety and MVP) can be look alot alike, but what are the differences here, so I know wheather to get another opinion or try the drugs she is suggesting. (I am very anti drugs so I would REALLY have to feel it would help to go that route)

Thank you for any answers.