Lynette?? Please read...passing out prob

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Lynette?? Please read...passing out prob
Thu, 12-18-2003 - 6:10pm

A year ago my mom started having problems with random passing out. She had never had heart problems before. They did every kind of test, tilt table, ekg, ect ect. She passed out four times. Finally, I did some research on the internet...about loop monitors. From Medtronic, I believe the company is called.

It's not a thirty day monitor, it's a 14 month under the skin monitor. They place it above your left breast, it's about the size of a pack of gum, under your skin. They give you an activator in case you have symptoms. This way you can go along with your daily activities, and if something happens, or if you pass out, when you wake up, you press the button and it records the heart activity.

Well, my mom passed out the other day, and my dad activated the monitor. They went to the doctor and found out that when she faints, her heart rate wasn't dropping, it stopped for about 19 seconds and that would cause the faint. She comes to, but it's still scary as anything.

They recommended a pacemaker immediately and she goes in tomorrow to get it.

I had to write because your message sounded a lot like what my mom was going through. Please ask about the monitor! Passing out is nothing to fool with, especially driving little ones, not to mention others you can hurt on the road, or even hurt yourself when falling.

Good luck!


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