what is the pain like???TERRIFIED HERE

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what is the pain like???TERRIFIED HERE
Sat, 12-27-2003 - 10:32am

can anyone tell me what the shoulder and neck pain are supposed to feel like? the other day i was really feeling crappy. i was stupid and drank too much on christmas eve and got sick on christmas morning, as i was getting sick i had a terrible pain in my chest. today i have pain in my neck and shoulder, but i don't know if it's from the way i was sleeping, it feels sore, no chest pain right now. i am on blood pressure medication, cholesterol meds and i took 2 aspirin yesterday, i am really getting terrified, i am home alne with three kids and am scared i will have a heart attack. i've been out of breath it seems, but i have terrible anxiety and sometimes that makes it difficult to breathe, it's almost like i forget to breathe. i had a 3d echo done about a year ago and it was fine, all normal, but it is a year later, and i am obese.

plese someone tell me what to do. how does the pain of a heart attack in the neck and shoulder feel?

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Tue, 12-30-2003 - 1:39pm

Hello there!

Have you contacted your family doctor about these symptoms?