good junk food?

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good junk food?
Tue, 01-06-2004 - 4:04pm
Hi -

Can any of you suggest any "healthy" or maybe any not-so-bad junk food for my husband to snack on (besides fruits and veggies)? He was a junk food junkie before the heart attack and now with his new diet he is searching the grocery store aisles in vain for healthy junk.


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Wed, 01-07-2004 - 1:33pm
How about low fat pretzels, and air-popped popcorn? I also eat the chips that are either baked, or the fat-free ones with that "fake fat" stuff in it. Crackers with some hummus on them are good. They also make low fat tortilla chips, and with some salsa (a fat-free food!) they are really good. Also, a small amount of nuts like almonds or brazil nuts (a small handful) is actually good for the heart-high in fat but the good kind, plus fiber. Most nuts are also quite high in calories, though, so really need to exercise portion control! The only thing you'd have to be aware of is the salt content of some of these products.

I always check for trans fats-it is going to be labeled on package in a couple of years, but for now just look for "hydrogenated" or "partially hydrogenated"--that's the trans fat! There is something in the process of hydrogenation that turns it dangerous to the body.

Hope your husband is doing well. I know what the food issue is like-for the first two weeks after I got out of the hospital after my heart attack, I ate nothing but brown rice and broccoli. I was literally afraid of eating anything else. After the stress test I felt better.

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Sun, 01-18-2004 - 8:47am
I find it helpful to go to stores where a greater percentage of the merchandise is "healthy." It's kind of depressing to go to a conventional grocery store and have to pick up 7 things before I find one without hydrogenated oils.

Do you have a Trader Joe's nearby? I have their barbecue baked soy crisps a lot, had 'em before my heart surgery because they're very tasty. People at work who generally shun my healthy snacks like to have those! (I haven't checked the sodium on them, though, since I don't have to watch my sodium, just my fats). I see on their Web site they've got three stores in Ohio, but I don't know if any are near Cleveland. I also shop at Whole Foods, a chain of large natural-food grocery stores; I don't see any in Ohio, but there might be something comparable around.

If you look carefully, there are crackers that don't have hydrogenated oils and aren't loaded with sodium.

I've grown to really like baby carrots in hummus (not so thrilled with the carrots alone).

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Sat, 01-24-2004 - 10:47am


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