Off Pump Beating Heart Bypass Surgery

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Off Pump Beating Heart Bypass Surgery
Tue, 01-27-2004 - 4:36pm
Live Webcast February 2nd at 12 Noon C.S.T

MeritCare, Fargo, ND, heart surgeons Roxanne Newman, M.D., Ajit Damle, M.D., and Jim Burdine, M.D., are pushing the envelope to improve patient care in a field that’s slow to change. The surgeons are leaders in the area of “off-pump,” or beating heart bypass surgery. Nationwide, only 25 percent of bypass procedures are performed off-pump, but at MeritCare, the majority of cases are performed off-pump because overall, physicians believe it may result in improved outcomes for patients, including:

• Reduced need for blood transfusions

• Faster recovery from surgery and a shorter length of stay

• Reduced risk of bleeding, stroke and kidney failure

• Reduced cognitive problems including memory loss and difficulty thinking.

See Dr. Newman perform bypass surgery on a beating heart, live at 12 Noon CST. Viewers will be able to email questions direct to the OR for an on-camera response by the surgical team.

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Sat, 01-31-2004 - 3:40pm

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