need advice on heart failure... and ?'s

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need advice on heart failure... and ?'s
Fri, 01-30-2004 - 9:28pm
Hi! I am so glad I've found these boards. My FIL had a heart attack a few weeks ago and they discovered his heart was badly damaged from it. Well he went and saw his cardiologist yesterday and came home and told me that only 3% of his heart is working and that the other 97% is dead. Is that even possible? He now is being diagnosed with heart failure so I did some research (alot of reading) and found that it is probably his ejection faction his doctor was talking about, that his EF is 3%, which is still bad but doesn't mean 97% of his heart is dead muscle. And the good news is that EF can be raised with good medication, diet, and lifestyle. I tried sharing this with him tonight and he is convinced that his heart is almost dead. I guess my question is, is that possible?? And his doctor told him the only solution is a transplant but won't put him on the list, are there other options? He has had an angioplasty already, right after his attack was diagnosed. I guess I'm just looking for answers I couldn't find online yet. Thanks so much for reading.


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Sat, 01-31-2004 - 4:02pm

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How is your FIL doing?