echo gram needed!!

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echo gram needed!!
Wed, 02-04-2004 - 9:05am
morning ladies,

i need some advice as i went to get my normal yearly checkup, i am

54, diagnosed with selmo-semia-minor (years back,its a generic anemia), also have

depression/anxiety disorder which i take paxil-cr and xanex....but main worry is

when i went to the docs yesterday, she said my heart murmur, (i have micro-valve

prolapse) was diagnosed with that back in 1988) had a echo-gram done, etc. and was

put on intenol 50mgs daily, as i get palputations off and on and that helps) but

she said my heart murmur was 'louder' and just for precautions she wants an echo

gram done since i havent had one in over 15 years just to be on the cautious side., to

check my valve... and yes i am a little nervous and always think the worst, and try not

to, i do get out of breath now and then, as my job is very physcial, but shortness of

breath is not often. anyways, need some advice, or comments as i am a little nervous

and want to get the echo gram done asap.........doc said not to be concerned its just

a follow up... so anyone care to calm me down a little??? i know these boards are very

supportive and an try to come often when i am not too busy, and i wish i had more

time.... any comments when be appreciated..

thanks, hugs,