Low Blood pressure

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Low Blood pressure
Fri, 02-20-2004 - 8:06am
Hi Folks

Didnt know where else to post so thought I would do it here..normally my blood pressure is great..but the past couple of days I have felt dizzy tired etc...I happened to be in a pharmacy last nigh with DH and decided to check my pressure

I was so surprised to find it low! Normally its 120/70 but last night it was 94/66 and it freaked me out!

I havent done or taken anything new expect for one thing..I started to take a Vitamin A/D combo capsule..and ironic that the dizziness started the day after I started taking the vitamin..dont know if there is a connection

I have had heart tests as recently as 6 months ago and all is normal....I have had episodes like this before...I figure it might be dehydration so started to drink TONS of water

Is LOW blood pressure anything to worry about

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Tue, 02-24-2004 - 12:41pm
I recently looked into this myself, since I sometimes have very low blood pressure too. As I'm sure you know, blood pressure can vary throughout the day, depending on how tired you are, whether you just ate, when your last visit to the bathroom was, and I think someone even told me once that atmospheric pressure can affect it too (not sure, just what I heard).

I found a site that said LOW pressure is not anything to worry about unless it goes below something like 80/60. If you are getting chronic dizzy spells though, this site said you could actually increase your sodium intake a little (the opposite of what is suggested for HIGH blood pressure).

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Sat, 02-28-2004 - 11:22pm
I have also had low blood pressure at times and have been concerned because I have had two seizures and when I became consious I was told that my blood pressure was really low and that it had taken some time to find my pulse. I have had seizures when I was a child but test results said I had a adnormal brain wave. Then when I got older I only had them when I was really sick or when I became pregnate. They last two were really scarry and I had really low pressure before I had one of them (I felt it coming on and was able to call 911 before I went into it. All of my test results(EKG's..etc) are normal, so I have been wondering if it is not my heart. I was born with a heart murmur but was told that I probably had outgrown it. I have been considering having another child but am concerned about seizures again.

I am also interested in more info about low blood pressure. Like what causes it to be low?