Possible Artifact??????

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Possible Artifact??????
Fri, 02-20-2004 - 7:45pm
Hi Ladies,

I'm new to this board but have always gotten good info. and support from other ivillage boards.

My question is......have any of you been told you had a "possible artifact"? I had a nuclear stress test which showed a possible defect - but only during the resting part of the test, not during the treadmill test. I'm seeing a cardiologist Wed. but hoped I could get some info. before that. My b/p has been high lately (I'm 45, by the way) and I have chest pain sometimes, but not during strenuous activity. I get out of breath when I bend over to tie my shoes. After the treadmill test they asked if I was on beta blockers because my heart rate went up so fast (I'm not). I need to lose about 15 lbs. I haven't exercised regularly in 18 months but used to do Jazzercise 2X a week for 2 years. Sooooooo, I'm confused and concerned. Any info. or advice would be appreciated.

Thanks - Melissa