arteries and plaque! advice?

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arteries and plaque! advice?
Sat, 03-20-2004 - 5:19am
hello !

im on a non smoking thing and ive been reading all the articles on this site and my main concern is this plaque stuff that clogs your arteries etc!

my question is will this stuff clear after giving up smoking? ive taken to a low fat diet low cholesterol with loads of veg and squeezed fruit juices etc etc and im doing the excersise thing all the things your supposed to do

will after time some of this gunge clear ? is there anything on the market that helps this happen ? is there any foods that help? any tips? any advice?

all the best!

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Mon, 03-29-2004 - 8:53am
Hi -

My husband was a heavy smoker since he was a child. At 45 one of his arteries was completely clogged with "gung" as you call it. After a heart attack, he had angioplasty to clear the gung and was put on Lipotor and blood thinners to reduce his cholesterol (the gung). His last blood test shows that his cholesterol levels are much, much better - so YES! it helps to do all the right things. Keep up the good work.