how fast should my 6yr.olds' heart beat?

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how fast should my 6yr.olds' heart beat?
Sun, 03-21-2004 - 6:19am
Im just a lurker, Something happened last night that has got me worried. My son is 6, and he has always (off and on) had a very hard heart beat. I mean I can see it beating through his little chest. Last night he was complaining of his heart itching. He said he tries to itch it but cant get to it from the outside. He was very disturbed by this, so I pulled up his shirt and noticed his heart pounding again. So I counted how fast it was beating, and it was 120 beats per minute. He was very relaxed, no reason why it should've been elevated. Does anyone know if this is ok? Tachycardia runs in the family, So that is my concern. Monday morning I plan to call and talk to the nurse, but I'll be worried sick by then, So if you can help me I'd appreciate it LOTS!!