Viris of the heart

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Viris of the heart
Sat, 03-27-2004 - 9:02am
Hi my mother in law three weeks ago came back from vacation in florida. While there she developed a sore throat. On the way back she had rapid heart palpatations. She went to her local emergency and they told her she had a heart attack and was in the middle of another one. They rushed her to a cardiac unit an hour away. While there they put her on antiviral drugs. She got alittle better and they released her. She went home for two nights but was in awful pain. She had also gained thirty pounds of fluid. She went to her family doctor for a check up and he was appalled at her blood pressure and color so he sent her back to the hospital. This time they sent her into Toronto Mount Sinai hospital. After one night in Mount Sinai they decided that they didn't have the resources to help her so sent her to Toronto General Hospital.

That day my husband travelled to ontario to be with his mother. She had surgery the next day to put her on LVAD. A mechanical device that would pump the blood throughout her body. Her heart would not recover said the doctors, the viris had destroyed the muscle and she would need a heart transplant.

She was in excellent health. She is only 58 I believe. She is an avid traveller - africa, alaska, australia, mexico, europe...all in the last year. She does not smoke or drink and never did. She is a vegan. ect...

Her heart surgery was scary to put the LVAD in. Although she has a BIVAD the first person in canada to have one. A LVAD is a left vetricular assistance device, basically a pump that helps the left side of the heart work...she has to have two pumps on each side. A bivad it is called. She recovered from the surgery last week and I went to join my husband. We saw her everyday for a couple of minutes, due to infection risk and that she needs rest. She is in ICUV intensive coronary unit, she has two nurses with her at all times. She woke up after a couple of days but was very week, she could not even open her eyes. She talked to us though and had a since of humour. When asked if she wanted us to give a message to others outside of the hospital she said "tell them I am having a barrel of fun, wish you were here'.

A couple of days ago she developed a clot in her heart. they had to open her up again and remove it. She has been sedated for four days. Yesterday they brought her back around and even took out the ventilator. She was awake but they discovered that she has two more clots so they had to put her back asleep and on the ventilator.

Things do not look good. She apparently is allergic to the anticologent? medication that prevents clotting. The bad thing is this is the medication she would need for the heart transplant. So today they took her off the list. The list goes by need one being the lowest to four being the highest. She was a four so it apppeared she had a good chance of getting a new heart. They are trying her on a new medication.

My questions....

1. has anyone heard of this happening before?

2. Has anyone had a heart transplant before?

Please pray for her. She is an amazing women. We have a hospital care page for her where people can read about her condition and post messages to her and the family and I am amazed at how much she has affected peoples lives and all the good she has done.

Also, please encourage your friends and family to become an organ donor. Without donors people like my mother in law do not have a chance at life.



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Mon, 03-29-2004 - 8:47am
Hi Carolyn -

I just prayed for you and your family and your mom-in-law. I've never heard of this condition before. I am, however, a strong advocate of organ donation.

Good luck and prayers to you all...