I'm a total mess.... I'm only 22...help

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I'm a total mess.... I'm only 22...help
Fri, 04-09-2004 - 2:25pm
Okay, I just found out I have something called Mitral Valve Prolapse and a little bulge in my aorta. I went to a gastroenerolgist a couple weeks ago because I've been having chest pain and some upper GI bleeding. I was born with a hiatal hernia so I have GERD, and figured that the chest pain was GERD related. When he checked my blood pressure it was 169 over 118. He checked it about 15 minutes later (he figured I was nervous) and it was 171 over 109. This is apparently pretty high. When he listened to my heart he said that I have a murmur and sent me to a cardiologist who sent me to get a CT scan and an ECG. (I also need another upper endoscopy...what fun).

I've been having some odd symptoms lately that I just attributed to GERD. Besides the chest pain, I have trouble breathing and heart palapitaions. Other non GERD symptoms like headaches and blurry vision I blamed on skipping breakfast. The cold hands and feet I just blamed on bad insulation in my house. I'm only 22 so I never though I might have a heart problem. I'm not really sure about how serious mitral valve prolapse is. The doctor didn't really explain it. He seemed much more concerned about the slight bulge in my aorta. He gave me a prescription for a drug called Nitrobid and another for Zanex (he things I'm high strung or something). He also told me to keep getting ECG's to make sure the bulge doest't get bigger and said I should consider fixing the hernia so that my thorax isn't so crowded. I'm a little confused about this whole situation. I told my father who said that this could be really serious. I pretty freaked out right now....help....