What are the main factors for potential

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What are the main factors for potential
Sun, 06-13-2004 - 2:00pm
heart disease?

How do they determine whether or not you could have a blockage?

Is it high blood pressure and high cholesterol?

I have been having pressure and pains in my chest and left arm for a few months now and posted in another thread that I was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse. Well I am still concerned that maybe there is something they are missing.

I have had 2 ekgs, 2 chest x-rays, an echo, holter, blood work-up, and all came back fine except the MVP he saw on the echo. He says this is harmless and gets better with age but does cause the symptoms I'm having and the panic disorder I've experienced a few times in the past 3 months.

Well, I have never had any of these problems before then and I *was* eating a fatty diet, not watching my fat (fries, cheeseburgers and pizza were my favorite foods). I have since changed my diet and exercise, and I have no symptoms while exercising. They go away.

My grandma (maternal) had a heart attack at age 65 and my other grandmother had a stroke at age 70. My grandfathers both passed away at a young age but my dad has never had heart problems and he's 63. My mom passed at 54 (3 years ago, from lung cancer but never had high cholesterol or anything cardio related). My uncle was feeling fatigued several months ago and when he had the whole heart work-up they discovered that something was on the opposite side or reversed of where it should be but wasn't dangerous, just a little different than everyone else) my cousin also has mitral valve prolapse and has no symptoms what-so-ever.

So I am concerned that I am that unlikely candidate that they are mis-diagnosing. The 29 year old female with no history of heart disease or family history of HD and I'm gonna keel over any day now. :( This is scary for me and nobody seems to take it as seriously as I do.

So if I did have heart disease, would I have had a history of chronic high blood pressure and high cholesterol, or can someone with HD have no symptoms?

I'm sorry for rambling and if you read this far, thank you.


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Mon, 06-14-2004 - 12:26am


They try to determine high risk factors by less invasive modalities such as high blood pressure and cholesterol.