left chest pain/upper back pain

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left chest pain/upper back pain
Sat, 06-26-2004 - 9:18pm
Hi everyone,

I have a question. I have been having chest pain on the left side of my chest for about a month now. I went to the doctor right after it started and from the area I pointed to on my chest, he said it sounded like a rib injury to him. He didn't do any kind of tests. I still have the pain, and since then I have noticed pain in my upper back on the left side too. And sometimes my left arm feels weird. Not tingly or numb, just a weird feeling, kind of heavy. Can a back injury cause pain in your chest, or a rib injury cause pain in your back? Or does this sound more like some kind of heart problem? Has anyone had symptoms like this before? I guess I should probably go back to the doctor, but I wanted to check to see if anyone had symtoms like this before.

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Tue, 06-29-2004 - 1:56pm

The only way your doctor can tell you it's a rib injury is to do a chest xray.