When do the risiduals affects of a strok

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When do the risiduals affects of a strok
Tue, 07-20-2004 - 9:12pm
I had a stroke in May 2003. It was from a blood clot that formed on my mechanical heart valve, it was a mild stroke. I am a 40yr old female with a teenage son.

The stroke affected my left side, therefore my left leg gets "CRAZY nd JUMPY" as I call it..Its rather annoying, my left hand does not work properly, Typing this post is difficult. It takes alot of concentration and its frustrating at times. Most times I give up. Thank God for Spell Check. I drp things. I seem to lose my grasp, even on things as silly paper. Organization is diffucult for me. I have shoer term memory lose.I can remember something from 20 yrs ago very clearly, but have trouble remembering things from yesterday. Its nuts. I cannot pronounce large words. I find my thouhgts are scrambled and unorganized. I know what I want to say, it just comes out backwards. Sounds like my speech is garbled. and very hard for others to follow our conversation. Of course the ones who know I ahd a stroke, never say a word to me, but I can tell they dont understand or follow my words.I seem to stutter alot.When I eat anything that is hard to cut, moslty meats, it is very difficult, whrn I sm done cutting the food is mutilated. Its embarassing. When I am out with my family they all want to help, but its hard to let your 16 yr old son, or your 65 yr old Mother cut your food like a child. I also drool from the left side of my mouth, which has caused me to accquire a contstant sore on my mouth.

I know these problems seem small l compared to others who have had a stroke, but to me its a BIG problem. I am only 40 yrs old and feel 80 when I cannot accomplish these small tasks.

Do the residual affects ever get better?


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Thu, 07-22-2004 - 4:48pm
I know where you are coming from. I had my stroke Dec. 99. I found attitude goes a long way right about now. Accepting the reality of your limitations and realizing this is your life and make each day count. My stroke effected my right side and of course I was right handed. I found taking it slowly pretty hard because I had a job with an international firm and I was constantly putting out fires, and I had at that time 7, now it is 8, grandkids that I loved to be with. I live alone and insisted on getting my own place by Mar. 1st. The leg spasms were unbearable - they would start at 4pm and go all night. It took 6 months to come up with the combination meds to get some relief. It is funny but all of a sudden you will realize you remember something you didn't know the brain was missing. I have always been an avid reader so everyone gave me books but I couldn't focus enough to get beyond two pages. then one day about two years later I picked up a book and didn't stop till I was done - something kicked in. I have learned to accept help when needed. My kids were still cutting up the kids food so they just added mine to the rest. I also have trouble with my mouth on the right side. My grandkids just wipe my mouth without saying anything. I really had come along was - I was out of the wheelchair most of the time but last Oct. I had a fall, broke a couple of bones and it caused my leg to regress, The spasms were back, I couldn't sleep and I wasn't nice to be around. finally my neurologist said the spasms were like Parkinson's decease and gave a pill and they stopped. I am still in the wheelchair but getting ready to spend more time walking. I have rambled on enough - just enjoy the little accomplishments, don't feel self conscious about needing a helping hand and if you are having a "drop it" day sit back and read, listen to music just know it is a off day and tomorrow is coming. I hoped I helped you a little. E-mail me any time if you feel like chatting. gnanamg@msn.com Maryann