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New to this
Mon, 07-26-2004 - 11:38am
I'm 34 (will be 35 in little over a month). Recently married (last December). We're trying to have a baby. I've always struggled with my weight but never really thought that much about it and what problems it could cause until recently. I have high cholestrol (206) and I now weigh 211 lbs. at 5ft. 61/2in. tall. I've had chest pains in the past. The last time I went to the doctor for chest pains he said it was due to an infection. I'm just to the point now that I really don't want to cut my life short by not doing what I need to do. So I've decided to start exercising and eating right and hopefully get back to being healthy.
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Mon, 07-26-2004 - 5:16pm

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