Worried mom to 8 year old

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Worried mom to 8 year old
Mon, 08-02-2004 - 12:42pm
I had to take my 8 year old Daughter into Urgent care his weekend due to her passing out again. Over the last year she has done this maybe 5 to 6 times. I was told by her doctor it was from heat or not drinking enough fluids. Well this Pass Friday she had not been out in the heat but all of 2 mins and was drinking lots of water. At this point I called my own Family doctor and said I wanted him to take over her care. I no longer buy what her doctor has been telling me “and do I regret not doing something sooner”. They did a ton of test on her at urgent care. It shows her carbon Dioxide was high Out of range high and that it looks like she may have had a seizure. She did tell me that right before her eyes were flickering and looking up and she could not stop it. So I had an idea that she had even before the doctor told me. They also did an ECG that came back Abnornal.Also an X-ray of her heart shows that one side is enlarged and the other side has a lump on it. I’m Devastated at the fact there could be something wrong with her. Everyone keeps telling me that maybe the hospital is wrong but can 3 tests are wrong. On the ECG it has a note on it which says consider right Ventricular hypertrophy & consider left ventricular hypertrophy. They want her to see a Neurologist and also a heart doctor for an echocardiogram. I don’t know what to think is whole weekend seems like a decade just waiting to get hold of my family doctor for them to do the referall.When I called there this morning they only took a message and would not let me talk to the doctor. I want answers now!
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Wed, 08-04-2004 - 2:29pm


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